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This blog will contain items noteworthy concerning Adobe Flash for both web development and animation, web development in general, animation, and other topics of interest to me. I hope you find the links to many different resources useful, I will try and keep these up to date as I continue to find useful sites.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip Case Travel Tracker

I am an avid iPhone user. I began traveling extensively for my job in April (flying weekly from Atlanta to Chicago) and I needed something that could track my flights and hotels and put those flights on my iCal calendar which syncs to my iPhone. I found the perfect application, but you don't need an iPhone to use it, the Trip Case web application can be used stand alone.

TRIPCASE is a service that allows you to load all of your travel information into one spot and provides companion support for iCal, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and e-mail alerts. By logging on their website at www.tripcase.com and creating a user account you can load your travel information or even try and have it load it for you from several popular travel sites such as Expedia (although I never really got it to work, maybe I wasn’t patient enough for the information to be available).

Better yet, if you own an iPhone, or an IPad with 3G (iTouch will also work but you must be in WiFi) you can enter your travel plans via the very easy to use iPhone application, which is FREE (and free is good).

Download the application to your iPhone or iPad Simply enter your flight information (airline, flight number, date, confirmation number (optional) into the application instead of using the website.

Regardless whether you entered your travel information via the web or the iPhone application Trip Case will prove you up to date information about the flight departure/arrival times, and gate information (regardless of airline) via alerts to your e-mail address of record. Merely set this up on their website.

The best thing I like about this service is that it will interface all your travel details into iCal automatically. Merely log onto the website and select the SETTINGS tab and set up the iCal interface.

Create an automatic refresh in iCal or manually refresh the subscribed calendar after you add new trip information into Trip Case.

Now go travel and stay informed! I simply can’t travel without this application.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cool Alphabet Animation

Here is a small animation that I did of morphing letters to the Cool Alphabet Song by Didi Pop.

For Full Screen Version

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rotoscoping with After Effects

Here is a little fun exercise utilizing the Rotoscoping (it really is just creating and modifying masks over time). Here is a screen shot of the video that I started with that has the background in it.
Here is the completed fictitious 15 second video where she is embedded without the background.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Willy's Day

This is my first animation of any substance. Willy and Wynne are my original characters.


Full Screen Version Click Here

Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet

I just got a new LARGE Intuos 4 tablet (18.7" x 12.6"). It is VERY nice! Even though I have a Cintiq21UX (I had a Intuos 3 6×8 before the Cintiq which I sold) it is a great compliment for everyday use when I am not drawing. I need the Cintiq for that purpose.

I really like the buttons function buttons along the left that light up and show you what you have programmed into them. The Zoom/Scroll wheel is also very nice.

Another nice feature is being able to move the mini-usb connection to the tablet to either the back or front depending on your computer setup.

The new pen holder is nice with a cradle across the top of it and additional “nibs” contained inside. The pen has been redesigned, but I didn’t notice much difference except that the “toggle” switch on the pen itself seems to be a bit more recessed than the old pen. Not sure after one night using it whether or not that is a good or bad thing.

Good job to Wacom!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

E-Learning for Kids - States of Matter

States of Matter

E-Learning for Kids is a global organization that provides FREE e-learning courses to children around the globe.

I volunteered my time and energy as an Instructional Designer to write the storyboard for this course and to follow the development to completion.

Please share this site with your friends and colleagues and spread the word. All children deserve the chance to learn.